Detuning a new Snowboard

by: Hanna

There’s nothing better than getting a new snowboard. Fresh out of the package, base smooth as a baby’s ass, a shiny topsheet unscratched by the goons riding over your tail in the liftline,and sharp edges. Maybe too sharp?
Detuning is the process of prepping the edges on a new snowboard, or one that has just had its edges sharpened. Edges that are too sharp, especially at the contact points, can feel “hooky” and making riding feel sketchy as hell. For our purposes we’re going to talk about how to prep a new snowboard so it’s ready to rock as soon as you hit the snow.

  • Step I Nose and Tail. Think about it, you never use this portion of the edge…for anything. You might as well dull it so that it can’t snag on you mid-butter. Take a metal file, and raspthat edge until its dull to the touch.
  • Step II Contact Points. This is the point where the snowboard’s sidecut begins to to contact the snow at your nose and tail. This is the most important area to detune properly. If left too sharp your board will feel super hooky when initiating turns. If filed too dull you will feel a reduction in edge hold. The word to keep in mind is blend. When working on the contact points use the file to make sure the edge makes a smooth transition from dull at the nose/tail to sharp along the length of the snowboards sidecut. Be gentle with the file…removing metal is easy, but impossible to put back on!
  • Step III The gummy stone. A gummy stone is a small abrasive rubber block that does the finish work in smoothing out your edges. Available for less than $10 at any ski or snowboard shop, it is a must have item. Gently run the gummy stone nose to tail, from contact point to contact point. You don’t need to put much pressure on the gummy, it is abrasive enough to smooth out any burrs and make your razor sharp edges a little friendlier without dulling them the way a file would.

Your Done! Mount some bindings on your fresh new deck and ride the wheels off it.

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