Pow 101

by: Hanna

Pow turns are the most glorious thing about snowboarding. I could go on forever about the experience, why this is what we live for etc, but I’ll spare you.  I’m going to leave it with “pow turns are the best thing about snowboarding. Period.”  So how come every pow day you see so many miserable people flailing on the hill getting stuck?
Riding in deeper snow is very different from making turns on corduroy groomers.  I want to  share a couple of concepts to help you enjoy shralping pow rather than getting stuck in the snow being heckled from the lift.
Preservation of Momentum this is rule one.  If you slow down too much in deeper snow, you’re going to get stuck.  Instead of finishing your turns traversing across  the trail, keep your nose pointed downhill between 10 and 2 o clock.   This may be a statement of the obvious, but choose wisely where you stop to meet friends or take a break.  If its somewhere flat, you’re in trouble!
Steep and Deep the deeper the snow is, the more you may need to find steeper terrain to keep you going.  Note: this does not mean jumping into the liftline for expert/extreme terrain if you are still learning to turn left!  But if you are finding yourself slowing to a halt even when going relatively straight downhill, it’s a sign you need to find more of a pitch.
Setback moving your bindings further back on the board will place more weight on the tail.  This will require less effort to keep the nose from submarining under the snow. Less effort=less sore.
Surf in deeper snow, using a lot of edge angle at lower speeds can lead to your board sinking…kind of like a hot knife cutting through butter.  In softer snow, try keeping the base of your board flatter and using more of a pivot motion to turn.  It feels a lot like surfing.
Smile take a minute to enjoy the scenery! Who knows when the next dump will be?

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