Why you should learn to ride switch this season

by: Hanna Learning to ride switch (opposite leg forward) should be on your to do list this season. I can already hear the excuses…”I don’t care about freestyle,” “I already know how to snowboard and don’t want to learn again.” Learning to ride switch isn’t as hard as it sounds…if you can link turns in … Continue reading

Backyard Shred

by: Hanna photo: Meridith Mcfarland Let me paint a picture for you. A bonfire.  Halogen lights in the trees.  Shovels.  A kicker in the yard. It could only be one thing. A backyard shredding party. While many of my friends and I easily ride 100+ days a year at resorts, these evening shred sessions are … Continue reading

Great Expectations! Your first time snowboarding

by: Hanna A lot of the nervousness first time riders have comes from not knowing what to expect. A lot of them have been told, “you’re gonna fall a lot” or “I tried it and I couldn’t sit down for a week” by friends and coworkers. After hearing a chorus of positive commentary like that, … Continue reading

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