Backyard Shred

by: Hanna photo: Meridith Mcfarland

Let me paint a picture for you. A bonfire.  Halogen lights in the trees.  Shovels.  A kicker in the yard. It could only be one thing. A backyard shredding party.
While many of my friends and I easily ride 100+ days a year at resorts, these evening shred sessions are some of the most memorable nights of the season, and not to be missed. There’s something entirely different about building, hiking, and hitting a jump at a friend’s house that’s hard to explain. It brings you back to the roots of snowboarding.
Surprisingly, or maybe not, some great progression comes out of these sessions. Maybe its just the vibe of hitting jumps in the backyard surrounded by friends, but a lot of us tend to step up a lot at the house. Bangers get thrown down, people blow up and land in fresh pow, and occasionally we get a cool picture or two.
After shredding, we usually do some kind of dinner with the crew. It can be as simple as frozen pizza, or it can get pretty serious in the kitchen. Watching a snowboard movie, eating a hot dinner, and drinking a cold beer never tasted so good as it does after hucking in the yard.

You don’t need much to make one of these events happen. A hill, a couple friends, a shovel, and some snow. From there you can get creative. Build a jump, make a barrel bonk, gap a wall…whatever. If you want to get serious add lights, cameras, and fire. The sky’s the limit. Either way it’s free, mellow, and guaranteed fun.
We call our backyard park “the revenge of candy mountain.” Send some pictures and tell us about yours.

the classic "jib my board." Carter getting after it.

thanks for not crushing me. photos by Dawn Lyn

2 Responses to “Backyard Shred”
  1. Sean says:

    yes… i definately recomend gapping the wall

  2. snerdh says:

    sean gapped the wall. then he put a gap IN the wall by landing on it and taking out a huge chunk of rock. I was so stoked to be there to see it. Even more stoked that he was able to get up and walk away after that hit.

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