Hit “Refresh”

by: Carlos

Snowboarding for some is about racing down the hill at face-lifting speeds and pushing the limits or “sending it” off a huge kicker with hopes of landing in one piece. No matter what your style is, riding can get a bit stale if you don’t get creative. My suggestion; hit “Refresh”. Take a minute to stop and look around at new possibilities on the hill, which are not always evident at first glance. Look for downed trees, hits off the side of groomers, trees you can ride onto or tap. The possibilities are endless!
I am a Snerd after all, and I study my favorite riders and the lines they take. I believe  the most talented shredders take the time to stop and figure out what to hit and how to approach it creatively. It is really gratifying to jib a downed tree that no one else saw or to hit a tiny bump on the side of the trail that set you up for that slow steezy back one.
Have you ever taken a warm up run on easy groomers? Or took a couple of laps on a trail that is a little beyond your ability level?  These are perfect opportunities to scope out all the jibs and hits that might not be as evident if you were blowing through. Slow down and ride onto them, take a closer look and safely assess if they’re doable. Not only does this keep snowboarding fresh and challenging but it also improves your riding by expanding your comfort zone and vision. So my advice is go out and hit “Refresh” once in a while. Your riding will thank you and you will always stay stoked on the shred.

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