Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Program Review

by: Hanna

I’m going to be up front and say that I typically hate video instruction of any kind, including snowboarding.  It always seems to come off as cheesy, poorly filmed and edited, and the actual quality of instruction is often weak at best.  Video instruction has never worked for me at anything and I typically avoid it like the plague.  Having said all that, I watched the Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Program this afternoon and I was completely blown away. This is the best video snowboard instruction out there. Period.
It was actually the best video instruction I’ve seen for any sport.  The Freestyle Program comes in 6 separate parts.  They cover Jumping (in two volumes), Jibbing (in two volumes), Butters, Riding Powder, and a data package of MP3 audio files for on-hill use that offer coaching on physical and mental training.  The production quality in each of the videos was outstanding, with high quality film from a variety of angles and crisp editing with good music.
As I watched all of these videos I noticed that a specific formula is followed for every maneuver.  These traits are what make the program successful and worth watching.
Simple Progressions EVERY trick from butters to boardslides to spins in the park is taught in a very simple progression.  It begins with working on the maneuver first with the board off, then strapped in on flat ground, then riding on a traverse, then to a side hit (if applicable) and finally to the feature in question.
Visualization A major focus is placed on visualizing each maneuver.  Nev, the narrator, makes it very clear where you need to be looking throughout the entire maneuver, from approach to landing.
Demos Every maneuver is demonstrated clearly from a wide variety of angles.  There are very clear illustrations of body postures and movements, with graphics showing where force or rotation is being applied.  Every stage of every individual maneuver is broken down and explained in simple to understand language.
Skills Progression Similar to how we teach in lessons, the tricks taught in each segment build progressively upon each other.  The program begins with the most basic maneuvers and slowly builds up to advanced tricks.  A beginning snowboarder could watch this program and get a lot out of it, as could a much stronger freestyle rider.  (I’ll be honest and say there are tricks I don’t have dialed yet that I WANT after watching the video).
Obviously nothing will ever take the place of personal instruction (and Snowboard Addiction does offer camps in New Zealand, Japan, and Canada) as well as private instruction at their home base of Whistler Blackcomb.  But few people have the inclination or the finances for constant instruction.  The Freestyle Program is a great supplemental tool for stepping up your game.  I’m personally stoked to have found it and plan on working on their park progressions for a follow up article.  The program is available as a DVD box set for $96, or you can download the program like I did for $59.  Each segment is also available individually, but the pricing works out such that the Freestyle Program is a much better value. Check them out at

4 Responses to “Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Program Review”
  1. snerdh says:

    Just a quick note. When I sat down to write this an issue I hadn’t anticipated came up….how do I say what I think without sounding like a paid advertisement? I decided to just call it like I saw it and if anyone has any doubts…go check out their website and watch the sample videos. They speak for themselves.

  2. thesnerds says:

    When I watched Snowboard Addiction’s free video ( ) I knew right away these are very experienced rider/coaches and they were on to something really good. Their approach is unique,simple and very well executed.
    After watching the “freestyle program” I am sold on the SA crew. They offer an invaluable technique which is practicing the movement without the board, with the board on flat land and then moving on the hill. This allows you to gain muscle memory and the certainty that your body can execute before you set foot on snow. The quick growth you experience by going through this process is difficult to envision until you follow the steps and stomp something “ill”. From a production standpoint they offer many different camera angles and video analysis which helps break down the trick into more manageable pieces.
    As if this wasn’t enough they offer camps all over the world, Webcam coaching and Private coaching as well. So whether you are going pro or just looking for snazzy little trick to brag about SA has you covered.
    Now here is the banger: Digital downloads allow you to load your favorite segments on to many devices that play video ( smart phones , Ipods , etc. ). Gone are the days of living room heroes .SA can go with you where ever you shred . I have the “butters” segments on my phone and I have already nailed two butter combos I didn’t think I could stomp. I know this sounds like product placement but trust us it’s not! We are happy to bring you tools that aid in your development as riders regardless of whether it’s ours or not. A very special thank you to SA for allowing us to review this product. Now get some SA and go shred it!

    • Scott says:

      I’m a dad 43, of 2 teenagers and we all started to ride as a family last year. I bought these videos to help me learn faster and safer. Also I was planning on doing things I have never done before, Park and Jumps. My kids like all aspects of snowboarding and these videos helped me to progress and to be able to teach some of these skills to my kids. They will pass me very soon ability wise, but I am very confident and have been having a blast riding in the park and hitting jumps.

      I installed the video’s on my kids iPod I borrow and they are now on my smart phone too.
      Instruction is broken down and made very simple to understand. I too like the, from beginning to end steps. No board, flat ground, practicing on greens then progressing to the actual trick.

      I’m waiting for the 1/2 pipe to come out. Never rode one and we have 2 near us. Would really love to try.

      I truly recommend these videos, they were well worth it


  3. Hanna says:

    Scott, thanks for sharing your experience! Very cool of you to start learning the freestyle progressions to teach your kids and its amazing how much fun freestyle riding is once you get started with a good foundation. We also really liked the ability to put the videos on iPod/smartphone to be able to watch them at the mountain when working on specific tricks.
    As for the halfpipe…why not take an intro to pipe lesson at one of the mountains near you? A semi-private pipe with just you and the kids would be a TON of fun. I’m sure the ride school at at either mountain would be able to set that up.

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