Union Atlas Bindings Review

Union is a company that came up on my radar as a brand to check out this season.  As I started doing my homework I learned a few interesting things about Union.  1. They have a RABID fan base.  People who ride Union swear by them. 2. They only make bindings, and while many of … Continue reading

Matt and Pat from Rhythm Talk Shop (part 3)

Do you guys participate in the Ski and Snowboard Expo in Boston? Was it intimidating going into a marketplace with huge companies like Burton, Rome, Ride, etc. established in the space?  Sugarbush Resort has a wide variety of options for shredders from a sweet park to steep and deep trees and everything in between. How … Continue reading

Matt and Pat from Rhythm Talk Shop (part 2)

Snowboarding started out as very DIY culture retrofitting ski equipment or building bindings out of bent sheet metal. How did you learn how to build a board? Pat: I have a background in engineering and that always gives me that curiosity for figuring out how things are built and building stuff myself. So we got … Continue reading

Matt and Pat from Rhythm Talk Shop (part 1)

by Carlos & Hanna When we think about the snowboard industry we still have this idealized image of an underground, rebellious DIY culture.  As snowboarding has grown as a sport and an industry that has certainly changed to some extent.  But even as a large portion of the industry gravitates towards mass produced snowboards, there … Continue reading

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