Matt and Pat from Rhythm Talk Shop (part 3)

Do you guys participate in the Ski and Snowboard Expo in Boston?

Was it intimidating going into a marketplace with huge companies like Burton, Rome, Ride, etc. established in the space?

 Sugarbush Resort has a wide variety of options for shredders from a sweet park to steep and deep trees and everything in between. How does that affect your decision making process when building a new style of board?

 So you have a few sweet boards some new and some staples in the quiver. Can you tell us a little bit about the 2011-12 line?

 How is a Rhythm board better than other boards out there?

Pat: It all comes down to materials, you can make anything better with better materials. I hand select all of our materials from this area and you get all the other businesses involved in the process . They know we are aiming to make the highest quality product we can possibly make and they are always looking to help us achieve that. There is a reason I stick with a 2mm edge, its better quality, it lasts longer and when you are on ice you want that. There is a reason why we stick with the higher quality sintered bases. They last longer, they are faster, and they take a beating.

Matt: Its about attention to detail. I make a point of going out on the hill and talking to at least five people about Rhythm and get feedback.We are also very process oriented and while we produce at high capacity we are small enough that we can make changes quickly. A few years ago when people where talking about reverse camber we didn’t need to think about it, we just did it.

Something that strikes us as unique is the way your team has been assembled. Its not about minutes on camera. There is family feel that comes with your crew. How do you guys choose your riders?

Matt: A big thing is chemistry with us. We invite people over all the time to go surfing or skating, or just come get a beer. We don’t want our riders to think they  work for us, we are working together. We have them come and help in the shop and get immersed in what Rhythm is all about. We also look for people that look like they are having a good time, and that shows through in their riding styles.

Tell us something you haven’t told anybody yet about 2011-12 season for Rhythm Snowboards?

Matt: This is the most excited I have ever been for a season. Graphics: we work with a really talented artist and really good people.  We have a full team of riders all over the U.S. East Coast and West Coast.  We have a few new boards coming out, and we have a bunch of trips planned.  We’re just waiting for the snow to cooperate!

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Thanks for checking out our interview with Rhythm.  We had a great time hanging out with these guys and loved what they’re all about.  Learn more online at rhythm snowboards.  Stay tuned for a product review dropping later this month.

2 Responses to “Matt and Pat from Rhythm Talk Shop (part 3)”
  1. Alex Curry says:

    Awesome stuff here, glad to see such dedication and passion for building boards…and of course, great company name!

    • Hanna says:

      We agree. Seeing the Rhythm operation in person was really impressive. I got to take three runs on the Chop before exploding my collarbone and I have to say it was a powerful board. I think we’re going to see big things from these guys in the near future.

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