Not Your Girl Rail Jam Video

By Hanna     Video: Alex Curry

Not Your Girl Rail Jam-Hosted by Mascara Militia and Bolton Valley

We were fortunate to have been invited to attend a unique event at Bolton Valley this weekend.  There had been rumblings in the local shred community of an all girls rail jam taking place and we thought it would be fun to check out.  The girls at Mascara Militia invited us to come hang out and see where women’s freestyle is at here in New England.  The day ended up exceeding all expectations.  There was a strong turnout, a wide range of ages and abilities, and a ton of progression went down.  Sullivan Mclaughlin of Mascara Militia explained to me that the goal of the event was

“to bring girls together in a low pressure  and non-judgemental environment. There’s no cash on the line…we just want everyone to come and have a good time and everyone to leave with something.”

During the rail jam I got a few minutes to chat with Allison Kozar, Bolton Valley’s Terrain Park Manager.  Her assessment was that the event was a huge success.

Its so awesome….look around and all you see is girls make connections and having fun.  Its positive…the way rail jams should be.  Its all about supporting each other and getting pumped up on the sports, not just winning.

The video shot by our friend Alex Curry at Optic Rhythm captures the vibe of Not Your Girl far better than I can do with words.  What I will tell you is that based on what I saw yesterday women’s freestyle is in a GREAT place.  We’d like to thank Mascara Militia for inviting us, all the competitors who were so welcoming and quick to chat with us, and Bolton Valley for offering snowmobile transportation to two injured geeks.  If you’re a girl who rides park, or is interested in riding park, check out the Mascara Militia and definitely attend their next event!

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