The Main Event Hip Hop Rail Jam Video

By Hanna

The Main Event Series came to Sugarbush’s Lincoln Peak last Sunday and we were there to check it out.  Once again our good friend Alex at Optic Rhythm Cinematics was down to film and put together a beast of an edit.  We showed up on Saturday morning to find that the Sugarbush Parks crew along with help from Snowgrind’s Josh Lempert had built a solid park setup for the event.

The first round of the event went down on on a good sized hip.  While a variety of spins were thrown, old school methods were the crowd and judge favorites.  Event winner and Sugarbush local Ralph Kucharek was going hard after it.  When I asked him what tricks he was feeling his response was “method’s and melon’s… with Tony (Chiuchiolo) on the deck you have to represent.

Round two of the event took place in a rail garden with a 20’ down rail, a 20’ double bump rail and a 15’ box.  The bump rail looked treacherous but the field stepped up and threw some big tricks down on it.  I felt like I was watching the bar get raised right in front of my eyes.  Ben Ross won the award for “best rail section” and will be flying out to Boreal courtesy of Arbor Snowboards to film with their crew.  For winning the overall event Ralph Kucharek won a wildcard slot in the Burton US Open at Stratton.  We’ll be covering as much of his experience at the Open as we can, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, check the video…serious business!

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