Geeks at the Open

by Carlos

Every year in the month of March there is one event that brings together the snowboard community to celebrate our culture of sliding sideways. The US Open of Snowboarding is one of the oldest running contest in our sport  (second only to the legendary Baker Banked Slalom) and on its 30th anniversary there was no way we were going to miss out on the festivities. So we headed down to Stratton, VT and with a couple of parties lined up and our local friend Izzy to show us around we were all set.

It’s not often that the build up to an event matches expectations but the Open exceeded ours by a quite bit. Some of the highlights included a endless sushi dinner hosted by Jake and Donna from Burton where we met so many great people including our hosts and pro rider Ethan Deiss. We had a great conversation with him than ran the gamut from his Slovenia piece in Transworld Snow, to contact lenses and the merits of filming with a Banshee Bungee vs. a winch. We also met many of the talented photographers, filmers and content creators that drive our industry.
By far the coolest thing about the Open was how accessible and positive everyone was, from pro riders to other guests. I witnessed Kevin Pearce coming off an interview and taking pictures and chatting with everyone in his path. The Mitrani brothers, Danny Davis and Jake himself were hanging out and all smiles amongst the hordes of snowboarders who made the pilgrimage. The vibe was so mellow that the actual competition felt more like a progressive tribute to snowboarding.
If you haven’t yet experienced the US Open I strongly recommend you do but don’t believe me, watch our edit and then go make plans for next year.

A special thank you goes out to Melody Pfieffer at Burton Snowboards for all of the support and to our friends Izzy and Monique for extending classic Vermont hospitality.

5 Responses to “Geeks at the Open”
  1. Matthew Aron Roth Washington D.C. Photographer says:

    Hey Guys, this looks amazing! I can’t wait to see what you start doing next season!

  2. Worf says:

    great edit!….but the article had a historical misrepresentation, “The US Open of Snowboarding is the oldest running contest in our sport” is no true. the Mt Baker Banked slalom is in facted the longest running compitition.

    • Hanna says:

      Hey thanks for catching us out on that one, our bad! Duly noted and changed in the text. For the record the LBS is another event on our life “must attend” list, although it requires a bit more travel for us.

    • Alex Curry says:

      Thanks for the edit Worf…and glad to see you are following us here!

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