The Kayli Currier Interview

Kayli Currier Interview
 by Hanna
We first met Niche Snowboards Rep Kayli Courier at an on-snow demo event in VT this winter.  Kayli was quick to get us on some decks to demo, and down to talk about snowboard tech all morning.  We were impressed with both her product knowledge and stoke on all things snowboarding.  As the season went we stayed in touch and she was always there to help us out with anything she could. From boards to passes, she made it happen…not to make a sale, but because that’s just who she is.
As the season wound down, I finally got a chance to sit down and chat with Kayli about  the snowboard industry, women’s progression, and how NOT to get a date with her.
Home Mountain: Loon, NH
Years Riding: 11
Now Riding: Niche Minx 145, Rome Strut bindings, 32 Lashed boots
What is a good day of riding for Kayli C? I don’t know, its hard to say because I’ll kind of ride on anything. Growing up in New England you have to know how to ride on ice, so that doesn’t really bother me. People make it seem like it’s a huge deal but it’s not. I really like hoody riding weather but…I always have a good day!

Favorite Resort to ride away from home? in New England, Jay Peak.  Otherwise Heavenly in Lake Tahoe.

How did you get connected with Niche?  
Through  I was living in California and I was always checking the site.  I had been around the snowsports industry for a while and saw that Niche was looking for reps in several territories.  So I hit them up and and they responded to me.  I had only worked retail jobs before that so they gave me quite the opportunity!

How was year one with those guys?  
Year one was good, obviously it’s challenging for a first year company.  But I feel like for a lot of companies it takes a good 5 to 6 years to get going…and Niche certainly got their name out there. They’re doing something different and it’s good.

What are you excited about for next season?  
I am excited about new technology. We keep finding new ways to advance our boards.  New graphics, that’s always fun, and just continuing to expand.
I think of hardgoods as being a pretty male dominated environment, is that safe to say?  Oh yeah.

So the obvious question is what’s it like being a female hardgoods rep in a traditionally male dominated industry?
It’s definitely interesting.  I enjoy it and I feel flattered that I’ve gotten this opportunity because I feel like a lot of women that rep are only repping softgoods.  So it’s kind of a way for me to try and prove myself and show that women in the industry can do what men can do.

Do you feel like you have to prove yourself more?
Yeah, and also because people will say “oh it’s probably easier for you because you can flirt with shop owners or buyers.” I’m like no I basically do what all you guys are doing too, I’m just a girl.
It’s definitely interesting, Like I’ve had some younger guys that own shops basically try to “wife me up.” That’s a term that’s been used.  I had a guy say to me “I’ll carry your boards if you’re my girl. I’m like no thanks dude…WHAT? So bizarre.  
That’s awesome!  It’s so weird.
We’ll put a little warning in at the end like “attention shop dudes and buyers…” Yeah I don’t want to be your girlfriend!
What are your thoughts on where women’s snowboarding is at and where do you think it’s headed?  It has definitely advanced and it’s going to continue to advance.  I feel that women have been overlooked or ignored, especially in the past.  It’s progressing.  It’s been hard to be taken seriously like “oh she’s a chick she can’t do it.”

Do you think that’s changing?
I think so.  Women like Kelly Clark are proving themselves and I think that she is changing people’s outlook and showing that she’s just as capable of doing what the men are able to do.
In the past few days there have been a few interesting blog posts written by female pro riders arguing for and against smaller jump lines in women’s snowboard competition.  Do you have any thoughts on that? I don’t think that there should be. I think that if you are a female and you are able to basically take the pain that comes with it..just go for it.  If girls are separated from guys it will continue to be the same thing…“they have their separate course because they’re not capable of doing what we’re doing.” It’s a setback.
Highlight of your 2011-2012 season:  SIA is always one of the biggest highlights. It’s when I get to see and hang out with everyone from Niche, because they’re all out there and I’m here on the East Coast.  It’s also when I get to meet up with everyone from the industry in general.

Favorite part of the job: I love traveling and meeting new people.

Least favorite part, aside from getting asked out by shop accounts? I guess I have to say traveling again.  As much as I enjoy it, it’s one of my biggest expenses and it’s hard to make plans with people because I’m on the road a lot.  Its a love/hate relationship.

FInal words/shout outs?  Just hi to the whole Niche team!

Thanks to Kayli and the rest of the Niche team for supporting the Geeks this season.  We’ll have reviews of several of their 2013 models dropping this summer.

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  1. ridingswitch says:

    Big up Kayli! It might be a male dominated industry, but I reckon us ladies hold our own pretty well! 🙂

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