Mascara Militia’s Mammo Jam

by Carlos

If you google “grassroots shred” the Mascara Militia should probably be a top ten result. Their sophomore girls-only snowboard event, “The Mammo Jam” was a great display of snowboarding at its core values. Defying the weather with fog, drizzle, and temps in the high 40’s, nothing was going to stop this crew from having a good time.

The format was a single 45 min rail jam with no final. I did not envy the judges who happen to be no strangers to the highest levels in snowboarding. Yale Cousino and John Murphy  where on deck keeping an eye on the action and tallying up scores. To complete the scene, the infamous “Traviolli” was in full form on the bullhorn. Needless to say it got loud and funny really fast.

With the stage set I ended up hanging at the competitors area and chatting with a few of them. It was quite evident throughout the event that this crew was there to push each other and have fun. Encouragement and positive vibes where flying all around and so was this crew. The features, which included a down rail, 2 boxes and a urban elbow rail, were getting worked. There was so much creativity and style from snowboarders and skiers alike. Among my favorites were a gap to tail tap, front nose blunt and even a coffin that blew the lid off the crowd! Everyone was stoked and at the end there were some winners but the night was not about winning. It was about hanging out with friends, sharing some laughs and riding. The Mascara Militia donated the proceeds of the event to Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) a non-profit who’s mission is to increase awareness about breast cancer, the importance of early detection and the value of an active lifestyle. Thank you to Mascara Militia for inviting us to cover the event and hang out. We cant wait for next year!

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