FIVE TIPS that will quickly improve your riding

Five Tips to Improve your riding

by: Aaron

With winter fast approaching, here are a few simple tips we use with students of all levels to improve their riding.  These are areas that we focus on both our snowboard lessons and new instructor training.  Enjoy. #winteriscoming!

Suspension: Think about your legs like the suspension in a car. To keep the wheels on the road, or in this case the edge of the board on the snow, your legs need to work independently to spread pressure all the way across the boards edge as it rides up and over bumps, ruts, cat tracks, etc. This way you will be able to keep contact with the snow over the variable terrain you ride.

Front to Back: What part of your board do you ride in each part of your turn?  Think about your hip being over your front foot to start a turn. Then slowly shift your hips towards your back foot as you finish the turn. This will help to keep pressure on the boards edge where you need it in each phase of the turn.

Relax and Enjoy: Pick your head up and breathe. There is no reason to race down the hill every single run. A snowboard has the ability to be a very creative tool. A small drop here, a little log jib there, a little flatland press; you can find huge fun potential anywhere. Just make sure you are not messing up anyone’s day around you.

Lighten Up: Sometimes you just have to take it easy. Chatter is one of the worst feelings you can have on a snowboard. We all know it. It’s that washboard feeling that jars right up from your feet all the way to your teeth. The problem is that our first reaction is to press harder, and that’s just gonna make it worse. When you feel your board start to chatter try letting up on your edge pressure a little. One way to do this is to let the board rise up to you. This will have two benefits: it will stop the chatter and you’ll end up in a lower, more stable stance.”

The Eyes Have it: Look with your eyes by turning your head not your upper body. Keeping your shoulders, knees lined up or “stacked,” will allow you to move into and out of your turns much more efficiently. This will decrease stress on your muscles and joints. Less tired and sore equals more runs and more fun.”

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