back that tail

by Carlos

As soon as the weather turns sunny and snow softens we all get a little more daring, trying stuff we normally would shy away from on a cold and bomb proof New England day. The crew set out to our stellar mini park to freshen up the bag o’ tricks. We decided on back tails (backside tailslide ) to push our comfort level. This trick, on approach, is as blind as it gets. A good exercise on trust and getting your timing dialed. After a few tries we started getting the feel of it and ignoring some unfounded fears and the best part was it blew the doors open to backside approaches to rails and boxes.

Big props go to the best parks crew I know, Sugarbush Parks. These cats build some of the most progressive parks I have seen and hire some of the best people. Holden (our park  guy) held it together and is my vote for the coolest 17 year old ripper. Style for days and the ninja moves. Gold and Blue keeping it real!

One Response to “back that tail”
  1. wendybee says:

    FUN! Looks like it was an awesome day. ((Can this kind of trick be done on skis, too? If so, I want to learn how.))

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