Endeavor Board of Directors Review

Endeavor Snowboards Board of Directors B.O.D.

Endeavor Snowboards is a Canadian company that has caught our interest over the past few years. Their attention to detail and focus on pushing the envelope in both board design and aesthetics drew us in.  The founders are deeply seated in snowboarding’s roots.  We’d never seen one in person but everything we’d heard about the … Continue reading

2013 Niche Aether LTD 158 Review

Niche Aether LTD 2013 158

 Last month we showed you how Niche Snowboards’ park stick the Knew worked for Hanna. Now check out how their all mountain freestyle focused Aether LTD went for Carlos.   A word on Niche:Niche snowboards launched this past season and the brand has already turned a lot of heads.  Their goal of making environmentally friendlier … Continue reading

2013 Niche KNEW 152 Review

2013 Niche Knew Review

Niche Snowboards launched out of Utah this past season and the brand has already turned a lot of heads.  Their goal of making environmentally friendlier snowboards has an obvious appeal but to be honest we didn’t know what to expect in terms of either finish or ride quality.  With recycled plastics, plant-based resins and soy-based … Continue reading

Now Ipo Bindings Review

Now Ipo Bindings

by: Hanna The Now-Snowboarding ipo binding has been one of the most anticipated pieces of 2013 gear since their unveiling at the SIA trade show in January.  Designed by former pro snowboarder JF Pelchat, they utilize a kingpin and bushings to allow the binding to rock from toe to heel.  The claim is that this increases … Continue reading

Union Force Bindings Review

The Force is Union’s best selling binding and has been a tried and true staple in their line since their early years.  We picked up a pair to test and after a few weeks here’s Carlos’ review of their best seller.  Read on and see if it lives up to the hype. Set up time: … Continue reading

Union Atlas Bindings Review

Union is a company that came up on my radar as a brand to check out this season.  As I started doing my homework I learned a few interesting things about Union.  1. They have a RABID fan base.  People who ride Union swear by them. 2. They only make bindings, and while many of … Continue reading

Homeschool Snowboarding Outerwear

Homeschool Snowboarding is a new brand being launched out of the Pacific Northwest for the 2011-2012 Season.  According to their website, their goal is to produce “the best technical outerwear out there,” with the theory that if it works in the frequently nasty weather of the PNW, it will work anywhere.  One of their primary … Continue reading


Flex:  Just past medium stiff both longitudinally and torsionally.  A good deal stiffer than the Evo. Stability:  Outstanding.  Held an edge nicely carving and absorbed chunder much better than my Evo.  I noticed that I rode this board consistently faster everywhere on the mountain than I ride my Evo.  I had a ton of fun … Continue reading

Snowboard Addiction Freestyle Program Review

by: Hanna I’m going to be up front and say that I typically hate video instruction of any kind, including snowboarding.  It always seems to come off as cheesy, poorly filmed and edited, and the actual quality of instruction is often weak at best.  Video instruction has never worked for me at anything and I … Continue reading

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